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I was approached by a radio anchor from my hometown in the South of Brazil who needed background music for his sports show. Two leading radios stations – Band RS and Ipanema FM – were about to start broadcasting their football coverage together and the move required a new track.

Football and samba are immediately associated and I was surprised to hear he wanted a three-minute rock instrumental with loads of guitars. I showed him some unfinished ideas I had on me at the moment and he picked a bluesy guitar riff which I was going to use as a starting point.

After our conversation I phoned my partner Leonardo Homem and described the situation. He then said he already had a song he thought would do the job. It was just a matter or recording it, but he knew what to do. Three days later he sent me the track to finish. I did change and add a few things, mostly out of feeling I hadn’t done much but it didn’t take long to decide there was nothing to do to it. It is his song and apart from a bit of mastering my role here was one of networking and negotiation.

The track has been aired regularly since August 2011. The show includes pre-match build-up and full, uninterrupted commentary of all matches played by both Internacional and Grêmio, the local football teams. The music gets quickly drowned by commentary but it can be heard dozens of times every week