The Night of the Porcession

The Night of the Procession is a self funded short film produced by Izmo Films.

The brief was to write something dark, to fit the main character’s journey of confusion, anger, fear and solace. I was allowed to use as little melody or rhythm as possible and concentrate on creating spooky atmospheric sounds





Music by Rodrigo Lemos and Leonardo Homem.

When Michael’s girlfriend takes him for a picnic on the beach, he has no idea how his life will soon spin out of control.

Talk is a 2010 multi-award winning British short film (shot on 16mm) that has played at over 20 international Film Festivals and all involved are proud to say that it has won Best Film, Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Actress and Best Actor at some of those Festivals.

The soundtrack for the film Talk was done in Sep/Oct 2010. After a meeting with producer Mike Humme I contacted my partner Leonardo Homem and we swapped impressions and ideas about the project. Leonardo was then living in Rio and the whole work was done via email and dropbox. He was quick to come up with a melody which became Michael’s theme and I used for inspiration to create the other tracks.

The brief was to write something moody, sad without being too spooky. It had to have musical hints to the ocean and the wind.


I was in charge of audio restoration and sound design of  series 6 of this app-based soap. Hours spent listening out for hums, hisses, clips, wind, fan and equipment noises.


This indent is for an insurance company. The client wanted something traditional and classic enough to inspire trust but at the same time it should have some modern elements to indicate they were also looking into the future.

 Band RS / Ipanema FM

I was approached by a radio anchor from my hometown in the South of Brazil who needed background music for his sports show. Two leading radios stations – Band Rs and Ipanema FM – were about to start broadcasting their football coverage together and the move required a new track.

The track has been aired regularly since August 2011. The show includes pre-match build-up and full, uninterrupted commentary of all matches played by both Internacional and Gremio the local football teams. The music gets quickly drowned by commentary but it can be heard dozens of times every week


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